National COVID Cancer Antibody Survey

If you live in England and either, have been diagnosed with cancer in the last year or having cancer treatment (or had a stem cell transplant for blood cancer), you can enrol to participate in the National COVID Cancer Antibody Survey. The National COVID Cancer Survey is evaluating antibody tests in individuals living with cancer.

The test is a ‘fingerprick’ blood test which checks for coronavirus antibodies. The test kit is posted to you. It comes with everything you need. You take the test and post your sample back. Then you’ll get your results.

The survey will improve understanding of the protection provided by antibodies generated following COVID-19 infection and vaccination in individuals with cancer.

When requesting your kit, under participant ID, remember to enter “cancersurvey“. You may participate irrespective of the number of COVID vaccines you have received, or whether you are pre- or post- 3rd/booster dose. You can only self-record your first and second vaccine dose on the website. This will not affect the survey analysis plans.

16/10: Improvements being made to kit dispatch. We are monitoring for issues. Please let us know if you are affected by any issues with your 16 digit codes.

Update 16/10- We are delighted that 250 people have received their results. We have assurances that the kit dispatch issue may be fixed. If you have had issues with an erroneous duplicated 16 digit code warnings from the service, you should re-request your kit and get a new code. Please let us know if this fix has not worked. We apologise for this inconvenience.

Update 11/10- We are delighted 150 people have received their kit, done their test and received results.

Update 09/10- Thank you for the 3000th person who has registered to participate.

UPDATE 04/10- Thank you for the 2000th person who has registered to participate in the survey.

UPDATE 30/09- Thank you for the 1000th person who has registered with the survey.

Update 20/09- We are delighted to be able to start welcoming people to participate in the survey. Thanks so much for your support.